What is Pinlock?

When the outside environment is cold and the inside of the helmet is warm, condensation fog on the visor of the helmet. Pinlock is a produced to prevent this situation.

There are three different pinlock products.

Pinlock 30

The entry level Pinlock lens. No compromises on the core technology, just smaller in size and moisture absorbing capacity. This is the performance level needed for your city rides.

Pinlock 70

Two decades of fine tuning resulted in the perfect lens for daily commutes and weekend rides. Available in combination with MaxVision technology for stunning wide view.

Pinlock 120XLT

From the racetrack to the road. Contains the same material components as used in MotoGP and Formula 1. Proven on the track it will keep you focused in even the toughest conditions.

If the helmet you buy does not come with a pinlock, you may have to buy it for an extra fee.

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