How to Stop Helmet Visor Fogging

Many motorcycle riders ask how to prevent motorcycle helmet fog?

Although fogging on helmet visor of helmets without pinlock can be a problem, there are couple of methods to prevent it.

1- For example: FF323 Arrow model of LS2 doesn’t have pinlock. But you make a bit of extra payment to purchase pinlock designed by helmet manufacturer for FF323. Your helmet manufacturer probably has pinlock for your helmet model.

2- If you can’t find a pinlock for your helmet model, you can choose pinlocks sold as universal. But these ones can disappoint you. Generally, these products have poor quality and mounting will not do you any good. This will cause dust accumulation between visor and pinlock. Also, both fog and air bubbles will start to cause a problem. Although width of visors are similar, since vertical view is different, universal pinlocks will not fit every visor. This can limit your field of view.

3- Fog prevent sprays can be considered as an alternative but these sprays might not be there all the time. Since effects are temporary and you constantly need to purchase these products, sprays are not functional in financial and practical way. If you don’t want to use spray, other methods listed above can be a better option. But it is not permanent and you need to repeat it at certain intervals.

As a result, we recommend purchasing pinlock material specially designed by helmet manufacturer by paying that extra price. If you want to purchase a helmet with pinlock, you can use our filtering system on our helmet review platform.